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Blinds Vs Drapes

Window Blinds Vs Drapes: Which Should You Choose?

When choosing window treatments for your home, you would look at aspects such as light control, privacy, insulation and the perfect look that will blend in seamlessly with your decor. Window treatments come in a wide range of types and styles, and picking out the right product can become a task. Among window treatments, window blinds and curtains are the most popular choice among homeowners.

Both window blinds and curtains offer several benefits. Here is a quick run-through on the benefits each of these offers to help you pick out the perfect window treatment for your home.


Usually, window blinds in Toronto come at a more affordable price. If you pick plastic blinds, the cost will significantly reduce. Also, installation of window blinds is quite easy, hence labour charges come down too. However, if you pick wood or high-quality vinyl blinds, the charges may be towards the higher side.

Curtains, on the other hand, are usually pricier. This is because of the cost of the material and installation charges. Another reason for curtains being more expensive is because they use more material and take more time to be prepared. If you want to install curtains and want to save some money at the same time, you can choose cotton curtains instead of more expensive materials such as linen or silk.

Light Control

Blinds come as either horizontal window blinds or with vertically placed slats that can be moved up and down or side to side to control light. Blinds also come with a tilt wand that allows you to tilt the slats at different angles to control the amount of light in your room. So if you do not want to completely cut off light filtering into your room, roller blinds are the perfect option for you. They work best in your living rooms or study rooms, where you would want some sunlight filtering into the room through the day. Motorized blinds are a great option too as they save you the trouble of manually raising and lowering the blinds!

Curtains can completely block out light. You can pick out materials that can give you a blackout effect. Best suited for bedrooms, curtains can give you the privacy you want. However, if you want a bit of light control, you can always experiment by coupling sheer curtains with thicker curtains.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning blinds is extremely easy to clean. All you need to do to clean vertical window blinds is close the slats and wipe them clean with a dry cloth. If there are tough stains on the slats, you can use a moist cloth to rub the dirt out. You do not even need a commercial stain remover. You can prepare a concoction of water and vinegar, moisten the wipe in the solution and wipe out the dirt and grime from your blinds.

On the other hand, curtains need a bit more effort. You will have to use a vacuum cleaner to suck out dirt. If you are dealing with tougher stains, use a vinegar-water concoction. You can also find cleaning products at your local store or online designed especially for curtains. Once you have treated your curtains, you will have to wash the curtains and dry them to ensure that they are clear of dirt and grime.

So which type of window treatment should you choose – window blinds or drapes? Confused? Don’t worry! Reach out to the experts at Kremer Blinds – the leading name in window treatment solutions and products!

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