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Why Are Honeycomb Shades and Blinds Popular?

If you are hunting online for the perfect window shades or blinds for your home, you may end up confused with the innumerable options that online stores have to offer. One of the most popular styles among window shades and blinds is the cellular or honeycomb blinds. While many may argue that honeycomb shades are out of style, wait till you have gone through the several benefits listed below! Here are the top reasons why honeycomb shades are popular among homeowners.

Reasons for Popularity of Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb cellular shades offer a number of benefits. From better light filtering to a reduction in energy bills, cellular shades are a great choice for those who are looking for shades that are aesthetically appealing and highly functional at the same time.

The structure of cellular shades is such that they trap air and provide your room insulation. They are also great tools for noise reduction. When compared to vertical or horizontal blinds, cellular shades provide a higher level of privacy to your home as they offer greater coverage and opacity.

But which honeycomb cellular blinds would be the best for you? With these blinds and shades available in different cell sizes, materials and varying levels of light filtration, you would feel lost on the product that will suit your home best.

Things to Look for in Honeycomb Blinds

It is easy to find the perfect shades for your home. Go through these quick pointers to find the cellular shades that meet your requirements best.

Cell Shape: Honeycomb blinds that come with D shape cells can be a great choice for your home. Not only do these cells trap air more effectively, but they also hold on to their accordion shape better.

Material: The material of the cellular blind is also extremely important. You will find materials ranging from point bond to spun lace. If you are looking for a greater level of insulation, then spun lace is the material you should opt for.

Number of Cells: If you are looking for a window dressing that provides insulation effectively, then you should for honeycomb shades that come with a double cell structure.

Fabric: Some of the common materials that are used for cellular shades include cotton, muslin, polyester, challis, lace, linen and nylon. You can mix and match sheer fabric with a cloth with greater opacity to calibrate the amount of sunlight filtering into your room. If privacy is the key element, then you can have your blinds made out of heavier fabric that can completely block out light.

Colour and Pleats: You will find cellular shades in myriad colours. From pastels to solids, you can choose from a wide range of colours and patterns to go with your home decor. Honeycomb cellular shades also come in a range of pleat sizes. These can help you control light filtration, so look for wider pleats if you want to block out more sunlight.

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