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Window Coverings Can Be Motorized

Which Types of Window Coverings Can Be Motorized?

When it comes to contemporary home design and convenience, motorized blinds in Toronto are the perfect addition to your home. If you are looking to transform your windows, automatic blackout shades are the best way to go. Here’s everything you need to know about converting your existing blinds into automated ones!

Why Should Your Existing Window Covering be Motorized?

When it comes to motorized blinds in Toronto, most homeowners think it is an expensive option and cannot apply to their existing blinds and shades. This is inaccurate! Window coverings have come a long way and they can be today converted to automated ones with the help of professionals. Here a few reasons why should take the leap:

  • For better convenience

While your existing draperies and curtains look great, you often have to get up and adjust them. This won’t be the case once you convert them. You can sit back and adjust them as per your convenience.

  • They will become safer

You may have noticed that dangling cord can be a hazard for babies and pets. With your existing roller blinds motorized, you can sit in relief and keep away the children from getting tangled in the chords.

  • Protect your belongings

We all know how damaging constant sun exposure can be. This also applies to your belongings. With easy open and close, you can protect your valuable things from getting discoloured or faded.

Top Window Coverings That can be Motorized!

  • Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blinds are usually chosen for hard-to-reach windows and are compatible with motorization. They are available in various colours, sizes, textures, and designs to help you filter the light and provide you with adequate privacy. The motors can control the tilt of the slants and enable perfect insulation. Ensure that your horizontal blinds are automated correctly with professional help.

  • Roller Shades

Roller Shades

Roller shades are easily accessible and popular among homeowners. They complement the interior of your home superbly and can be converted into automatic blackout shades. You can power them with batteries, solar kits, and others. With the help of experts, you can customize them as per your preferences and enjoy the many benefits of motorized window coverings.

  • Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades

Converting your existing cellular shades into automatic ones is ideal because of their great insulation properties and light-filtration option. Cellular shades are great because they energy-efficient and have a clean and contemporary look. They have a honeycomb structure that instead of rolling, stack up neatly at the top of the window. Now, with a single touch of the button, you control your cellular shades for a goodnight’s sleep.

  • Sheer Horizontal Shades

Sheer Horizontal Shades

The contemporary sheer horizontal shades are both functional and customizable. If you already have them and are thinking of converting them into automatic blackout shades, all you have to do is find reputed window experts. They will ensure that shades are fitted properly and are automated for an easy open and close.

Get the Best Window Covering Solutions from Kremer Blinds!

Whether you are looking to buy new window treatments or want to automate your current ones, our experts will help you with them all. We offer an exclusive range of window treatment solutions in Toronto and are happy to help you with any of your requirements! Feel free to call us at 416-841-1682 or drop us a mail at to learn more about our services!

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