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Cellular Honeycomb Shades

What Are Cellular Honeycomb Shades for Windows?

The various window coverings options available can make any homeowner shy away from the selection process. That’s why we have prepared a quick guide to walk you through one of the most popular window coverings options available-Honeycomb cellular window shades.

5 Things You Need to Know About Honeycomb Blinds!

They Have Excellent Insulation Properties

Energy-saving honeycomb cellular shades owe their name because of their peculiar shape. They have multiple cells that block heat in the summers and keep the cold air out during the harsh winter months. If you are looking for a smart window covering investment, then these window coverings have great insulation properties and also enhance energy efficiency.

They are a Good Fit for Large Windows

Honeycomb cellular window shades have long and open channels that are a good fit for patios and large windows. Their ability to block harsh light makes them an ideal choice for media rooms, drawing rooms, and other large spaces. The window covering will fit ultra-sung to ensure the best light filtration. With a sleek look and a slim profile, they can help you enhance the value of your home.

Noise Cancellation Properties

Custom honeycomb shades offer supreme privacy along with noise cancellation. The noise cancellation feature helps trap noises coming in and out from your window. The large cell channels can help you maintain a calm and quiet environment for your home. Just as they can trap noises, they also allow light filtration.

Cordless Lift Ensures Safety

Honeycomb cellular window shades offer cordless lift applications for safety and convenience. You can also opt for motorization features that allow you to easily raise or lower the blinds at the touch of a button. This option makes it an ideal choice for families with children as it reduces the risk of children or pets tangling in chords. You can also choose a fabric that makes honeycomb shades the perfect room darkening treatment.

Classy Design Appeal

Honeycomb cellular window shades have a classy and modern appeal that can suit the interior of any home. Additionally, they come in translucent and blackout material to provide you with the privacy that you are after. Whether you have slanted skylights or tall windows, custom honeycomb shades are the ideal choice.

Get Our Versatile Coverings for Your Home!

If you are looking for a unique window treatment for your home, we have an exclusive collection that you can choose from. At Kremer Blinds, we have a team of experts who will help you find the right window treatment for you! Whatever your style is, we various window treatment options to suit your needs. Connect with us at 416-841-1682 or mail us at to know more about our honeycomb cellular window shades!

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