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How to Use Roller Shades to Enhance Your Home’s Aesthetics?

Roller shades have been around for decades as a conventional way to dress up windows of all shapes and sizes. They are minimal and enhance your window beautifully.

Over the years, the roller blinds have changed from conventional to contemporary. Today, they are available in different patterns, shapes, and sizes to accommodate your window treatment needs.

5 Ways You Can Creatively Use Roller Shades for Window Dressings

  • Experiment with Different Prints and Patterns

Roller Shades was originally used to just cover the windows but now they are used as an accessory to your rooms, available in a variety of colours, prints, and textures. With graphic roller shades, you can add a splash of colour to your room, without much modification. Prints are trendy and a great way to add personal style to your room.

For example, add a print of a world map on your shades if you like exploring different places. You can even add neutral tones to your shades for enhancing the colour scheme of the room.

Whether you are a true minimalist or a person who loves frills, patterns and prints can fill your space with glamour and add a gorgeous backdrop whenever they are down.

  • Use Fancy Frames

You can use fancy frames to add personality to the window and amp up the look of your roller shades.

It’s true that roller shades are used as a casual window covering, but you can add drama to them. Coupled with fancy frames, your window shades can add a hint of modern touch to a traditional room.

If you are a minimalist and don’t love drama, you may opt for a monochromatic look to your settings to add dimension.

  • Set the Transparency Right!

Roller shades are perfect to lighten or darken a room. Although before selection, you should choose the fabric carefully. Fabrics play an important role in setting the transparency right. You can select a fabric for your roller shade that completely blocks the light or choose the translucent ones which filter the light coming into the room, casting a soft glow. The right fabric helps to reduce the heat and glare in the room. The right transmission of the light allows privacy and setting the view.

  • Use Motorized Roller Shades for Flexibility

Motorized Roller Shades comes with an automatic remote control system. They are cordless and hardly make a sound. They are chic and come in a variety of colours, which makes it all the more contemporary.

You can create a tone-on-tone for sophistication with motorized roller shades to match the aesthetic of your house. These are a popular choice for homeowners because they are flexible and offer vast openness. Motorized Roller Shades also offer a smooth solution for hard to reach windows.

  • Add Some Embellishments to Your Roller Shades

Embellishment looks vintage. Whether you buy cheap or expensive roller shades, products embellished with a hoop or a tassel or any small decorative objective will add richness to it. Tailor your roller shades with a contrasting embellishment for impact.

Elevate Your Windows in Style with Kremer Blinds!

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For our experts, your problems are their priority.

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