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Unique Print Ideas for Window Shades and Blinds

If you want to try something different for your home and pick a printed graphic window shade, here are a few unique print ideas that could work well. There are several varieties of printed shades available these days. However, working with prints is never easy. From polka dots to Aztec printed shades, pick out a print idea that beautifies your graphic window shade without making it look noisy and chaotic. To know what prints you can safely pick, read on!

Aztec Print

Originated in Mexico, this is a tribal-inspired print. You must have seen it on tops, bags, shoes, etc. Aztec window shades are unique and give a contemporary and chic look to your home. From graphic to geometric shapes and from stripes to chevrons, there is a wide variety that you can choose from in this print. You can use them as graphic roller shades or on window blinds.

Comic Print

These can work wonders for your children’s room. Get a comic printed graphic roller shade printed for your kid and see him beaming with delight. It could work for you too if you share a love for comic characters. This print idea is unique and can give a quirky twist to the decor of your room.

Colour Block Print

Using a colour block print for a graphic window shade is a pretty bold decision. Colour block prints have at least two solid colours from different colour families put together. The advantage of using a colour-block printed graphic window shade or graphic roller shade is that you can experiment with colours in the rest of your décor and make your home look more vibrant.

Polka Dots

Polka dots are a very pretty print and were usually found on women’s dresses, bags, shoes etc. However, they have become immensely popular and these days are widely used in home furnishings too. Get them printed on graphic roller shades for kid’s room or as graphic window shades for your bedroom. However, do remember that they need to be coordinated with something in the room to create a balance.

Geometric Prints

As their name reveals, these prints highlight geometric shapes. You might want to use them with a dark background to highlight the shapes. If you are looking for lavish graphic window shades, this is the print for you!

Tropical Prints

This is for holiday lovers and who would like to keep the holiday vibe going throughout the year! These prints will have beach palms, the sun and the sand and everything tropical. However, you will have to plan the decor of your room around this because its uniqueness and quirkiness.

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