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Top Benefits of Window Drapery

Installing the right window treatment for your home is critical for your home decor. If you are thinking about adding a splash of colour to the room or showcase your unique style, window draperies in Toronto are ideal. Want to learn more? Here are the top advantages of installing custom drapery for your home in Mississauga.

Top Benefits of Having Custom Drapery in Your Room!

  • Excellent Fit & Added Functionality

Large-sized windows or irregularly shaped windows often require custom window treatments. Window drapery in Toronto can custom-made as per the size of your window for an excellent fit. By consulting a professional window treatment specialist, you can opt for floor length drapes or model them as per your needs to get the desired look. Many homeowners experiment with the length or add slide panels for an elegant and functional look.

  • There are Plenty of Fabric Choices

When people talk about custom draperies in Mississauga, they often make the mistake of imagining them with thick and dull panels. In reality, there are many drapery fabric choices available to suit the aesthetics of your home. From sheer drapes for lightness to slightly heavier drapes for privacy, you can opt for various options as per your room’s aesthetic requirements. You can team up sheer and heavy drapes to create a compelling contrast.

  • You Can Team Up Your Drapes With Accessories

The beauty of installing custom drapery in Toronto is that they complement your home’s aesthetics and add the needed functionality to your space. Furthermore, they are also the perfect solution for complicated windows. If your window design is complicated, you can team up your drapes with helpful accessories to complete the look. For example, if you have a curved window wall, you can design a curved rod to follow that design. Using custom drapes in Mississauga with unique accessories gives your window the perfect finishing touch.

  • Greater Energy-Efficiency

Ill fitted windows with unsuitable materials can increase your utility bills. With the right materials and proper fittings, you can save on your heating and cooling systems. They will allow sunlight into your home during the winter months, and you can adjust the drapes to maintain a cool temperature. With reputed manufacturers, your interiors can remain at comfortable temperatures. Window draperies in Toronto provide an excellent insulation value with adequate light control.

  • Sound Reduction & Privacy

Soft window coverings in Toronto, such as drapes, will help you control the amount of noise throughout your house. In houses with high ceilings and open layouts, noise travels faster and street noises can disturb or irritate you. Custom drapery in Mississauga can help you reduce outside noises and provides you with additional privacy.

  • Show Off Your Unique Style

If you think that window drapery in Toronto only comes with standard pleats, you are wrong. You can customize them with various pleats and style of your choice. You can opt for goblet-shaped pleats, embellish them with studs and buttons, and choose the pattern of your choice for the desired look. You can also choose them with various opacity levels to provide the perfect glow in your home.

Create a Magical Ambience with Custom Drapery in Mississauga!

At Kremer Blinds, you can amp up your decor with our custom drapery in Mississauga. Whether you want to create a dramatic look or add symmetry to your home, our designers can help you! We will design high-quality window coverings for your home as per your unique needs. We are happy to you onboard! Call us at 310-853-3597 or shoot us a mail at for any queries!

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