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Kremer Blinds provides solutions for residential and commercial and specialize in automated & motorized shades

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Window Shutters for Kid’s Room

Things to Consider When Installing Window Shutters for Kid’s Room

Wondering which window treatment would work best for your child’s room? Window shutters are the answer you are looking for. Window vinyl shutters offer several advantages and offer you a wide variety of choices that make them easy on the pocket and aesthetically apt for your child’s room.

Here’s a look at what you should keep in mind while choosing the best vinyl shutters for your child’s room and why you should choose window shutters.

Installing Shutters in Your Child’s Room


Safety is a priority when you are planning the decor and installations in your child’s room. You may be tempted to put up colourful curtains or blinds to make the room more beautiful, but there is always the possibility of strings dangling or fabric dragging with curtains and blinds. Vinyl exterior window shutters are a much safer choice in this respect.

Ease of Maintenance

Cleanliness is another aspect that shall be a priority when it comes to your child’s room. While going over your options of window treatments for your kid’s room, do look for an option that is easy to clean and maintain. For instance, vinyl window shutters are easier to clean as compared to curtains and blinds. You can wipe the dirt off shutters while curtains and blinds tend to trap dust, pet hair, etc. which are very difficult to remove.


Before you introduce any element into your kid’s room, you must make sure that your child is not allergic to it. Vinyl shutters in Toronto are a great option because they are the most allergy-friendly option available. Not only are they easy to clean and maintain, but also act as an insulative barrier to the outdoors reducing dust and allergens outside from entering the house.


While picking the material, make sure you pick a long-lasting, durable product. With fabric, you are likely to face issues such as dust and grime accumulation. Wooden and vinyl shutters are easy to clean. If you are worried about your child playing with the central tilt rod, you can opt for a hidden rod.


Even as you hunt for the perfect window shutters in Toronto, keep in mind that it should blend with the aesthetics of your home. Window shutters can easily blend into any kind of decor. Furthermore, they are highly customizable, which means you can tweak and adjust the shutters to suit your home.


Vinyl wooden shutters allow you complete control. The louvres can be tilted to adjust the light coming into the room. Also, they are extremely effective in cutting out unnecessary sounds. This allows your child peaceful sleep through the night and even during the day.

Need more guidance on wooden shutters? Reach out to the experts at Kremer Blinds!

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