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Kremer Blinds provides solutions for residential and commercial and specialize in automated & motorized shades

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Buying Roller Shades

Things to Consider When Buying Roller Shades

Looking for ideas to help you choose the right roller shades in Toronto for your home? Roller shades are a wonderful way of enhancing your home decor. They come in a variety of materials, textures and colours which allows you to choose a product that blends in beautifully with your rooms. Here’s a quick guide to help you find the perfect roller shades for your home:

  • Understand the Space

The first step that you need to take before buying window shades in Toronto is identifying and understanding the space where you want to install the shades. Understand the colour scheme of the room, make a note of the measurements and curves and corners in the space where you want to install the shades.

  • Finalise the Position

Where do you want to place the roller shades? Behind your window or ahead of it? By taking exact measurements you will have a fair idea of what will work best? Usually, window blinds in Toronto are fitted ahead of the window but if you want to experiment to give your room a different look, you can have them placed behind the window

  • Choose the Right Material

What is your reason for installing roller blinds? Do you want to light up the room or do you want to darken it? Depending on the goal that you want to achieve, you can pick a material that suits your requirement the most. If you are looking for shades that can filter in just the right amount of sunlight to give it a warm, comforting glow you can choose cotton, linen or silk as material for your blinds.

If you are installing blinds or roller shades in Toronto to block sunlight, then you can pick out a thick, heavy material to cover your windows.

  • Pick the Right Colour

Several factors come into play while choosing the right colour for your blinds. Bright colours make a room look sunlit and illumined. Darker colours absorb the sunlight and are ideal for you if you want to darken your room.

  • Understanding the Style

There are two styles when it comes to roller shades – simple and designer. If you want to give your home a simple yet classy look then you can look picking a simple design. However, if you want something more flashy and ostentatious, you can take a pick from the designer shades.

Roller shades in Toronto have been a favourite among homeowners for decades. The reason is their versatility, adaptability to different decor options and the sheer elegance that they impart to a room.

If you need help deciding on the type of roller shades in Toronto you want to install in your home, you can reach out to Kremer Blinds – the most trusted name for window treatments in Toronto!

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Kremer Blinds is a leader in window treatments and window coverings in Toronto. You can call us at 416-841-1682 to set up an appointment or mail your queries regarding cellular shades, window coverings in Vaughan, graphic window treatments or window treatments in Vaughn to We would be delighted to help you!

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