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One factor that every homeowner or business owner should consider when choosing window shades in Toronto is energy efficiency. Windows are the main culprit behind heat loss in a home or office. As per a study, your space can lose as much as 30% heat through windows. Adding window shades in Toronto will not only amplify the beauty of your windows but also preserve heat and air conditioning in the room.

Adding colour to your room doesn’t require you to redecorate your furnishings. It’s as simple as installing roller blinds. Roller blinds in Toronto not only look stylish but also add a pop of colour to your space to make it look more inviting and spacious. Roller blinds are simple and sophisticated and can help you make a statement. As fun as it sounds, choosing the right colour can be overwhelming, as this little detail can change the look and feel of your room. Learn about the top 5 tricks to choose the right colour for your roller blinds.

Looking for ideas to help you choose the right roller shades in Toronto for your home? Roller shades are a wonderful way of enhancing your home decor. They come in a variety of materials, textures and colours which allows you to choose a product that blends in beautifully with your rooms. Here's a quick guide to help you find the perfect roller shades for your home:

With the rise in smart home solutions, motorized blinds are becoming popular. However, before installing these blinds and shades in your home, you should consider certain factors to make an informed choice. Here is a comparative analysis of motorized blinds and non-motorized window treatments to help you decide which window covering best suits your budget and needs.
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