Roman Window Shades

Roman Window Shades

Design Custom Fabric Roman Shades For Your Home with Us!

Get Versatile Roman Window Shades At Affordable Prices!

Roman Shades are a classic window covering options. They help portray an elegant and warm picture. Our lineup of Roman shades come with a large selection of fabrics that will enhance any décor. The contoured fabrics roll up and are hidden within the headrail, providing an unobstructed view.


The best thing about fabric Roman shades is that you can use them as a window treatment for any room or part of your house. You get to choose patterns and colours, easily enhancing the aesthetics of your place. They are the perfect blend of timeless sophistication and traditional outlook. They never go out of style and work well with the trendiest of interiors!

Why Should You Add Our Roman Shades to Your House?

At Kremer Blinds, we offer homeowners the option to tailor our fabric roman shades according to their preferences! Our experts also provide in-house installation to ensure that your windows look gorgeous. Whether you are aiming for a modern and bold look or want a minimalist look, we can help you select the colour, texture, and fold style of your roman window shade that will complement your home. Updating window coverings is a big investment for most people. Hence, you may want to invest in a window treatment solution that is easy-to-maintain and looks great!

Features of Our Roman Window Shades:

  • Light, efficient, and flexible window covering
  • Better light and temperature control
  • Come with several design choices
  • Affordable & Customization Available

Choose High-Quality Roman Window Shades for Your Home!

Getting the right window treatment solution for your home may be complicated. That’s why our experts provide you with exclusive window covering options in Toronto, including the versatile roman window shades.
Want to know more? Call our window treatment professionals at 416-841-1682 or drop us a mail at to learn more about our custom fabric roman shades in Toronto!

Frequently Asked Questions About Roman Window Shades

Can You Cut the Roman Shades To Fit Our Windows?

Our experts will measure your window frame and cut the roman window shades to the standard size for a proper fit. Our trusted window specialists have the knowledge and the expertise to ensure that all your window treatment needs are met.

What is the Best Style of Roman Shade for My Windows?

While style is a personal preference, there are other things you should look out for while buying shades. You should consider the colour of your furniture, the light filtration in your room, and the decor of your room. Our professionals will help you select the fabric roman shades for your home.

Which Fabrics Works Best for Roman Window Shades?

At Kremer Blinds, we provide a variety of fabrics, textures, and colours for you to choose from. While linen fabric adds freshness to your home, heavyweight fabrics look bold. You can consult our specialists to help you select the best fabrics for your roman window shades.

Are Your Roman Window Shades Expensive?

It usually depends on the fabric, texture, pattern, and style you are going for. Once you choose what kind of style you are going for, we will provide you with an estimate to help you make an informed decision.

Additional Infomation

Roman Shades are an elegant and warm window covering option and have a large selection of fabrics that will enhance any décor.

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