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How to Clean Window Shutters

How to Clean Window Shutters

Window shutters are undeniably effective when it comes to revamping your home decor. They add beauty that is also functional and give a room an elegant look. This is primarily the reason for more and more people to opt for best vinyl shutters. However, do you know the dos and dont’s of how to clean window shutters and blinds?

Here are a few tips to help you keep your vinyl wood shutters and blinds squeaky clean and attractive for a long time:

How to Clean Interior Vinyl Shutters

Shutters tend to accumulate dust and grime over time. Hence, regular cleaning is mandatory if you want to keep your window shutters beautiful and functional for a long time. If you have been wondering about how to clean shutters and blinds, here are a couple of easy ways in which you can clean your interior vinyl shutters.


Set your vacuum cleaner on a low-intensity setting, clip on a machine and vacuum your window shutters. Start with the top-most slat and work your way downward. The reason is that while you clean the slats of your vinyl wood shutters using a vacuum cleaner, dust may fly off and settle on the lower slats. Starting at the top will help you avoid going back and forth on the shutters.


Regular dusting can help you keep your window shutters clean and neat. You can use a feather duster or a soft cloth to remove the dust from the slats. Start from the top and then go down to the last slat. Rotate the slats and repeat the process. You can use this technique to even clean metal window shutters in the interiors.

Specialized Tools

You can even purchase special tools that are available at stores for clean window shutters. You can cover your window shutters with a dryer sheet or a duster sprayed with a non-silicone anti-static spray to prevent dust from settling in.

You can use this method to clean aluminum, painted wood and faux wood shutters.

How to Clean Roller Shutters

Roller shutters can be tricky because of their intricate design. If you have been delaying cleaning your roller shutters because of this reason, worry not! Here are a few tips to help you make cleaning a cakewalk.

Use a mild detergent solution

Make a solution of detergent and water and spray it on your vinyl wood shutters. Use a soft cloth or chamois, wipe the dirt out. While cleaning your roller shades, make sure you wipe in both up and down directions to prevent your shutters from misaligning.

Rinse with Clean Water

You can also use clean water to rinse the shutters. After you have rinsed the dirt off, wipe the shutters with a soft cloth. Make sure you wipe out the moisture in an up and down pattern.

Clean Between the Guides

To clean between the guides, first, raise the curtains. You can use a soft-bristled brush to clean the dirt lodged between the guides. Be mindful of not disturbing the wool pile.

Use a Hose

A hose can help you wash off dirt settled on your roller blinds. Just keep in mind that the water pressure should not be high as it can damage your shutters.

These are very simple measures that you can take to keep even your vinyl exterior window shutters free of dust and grime. If you need help finding the right shutters and blinds for your home, you can reach out to experts at Kremer Blinds.

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