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Kremer Blinds provides solutions for residential and commercial and specialize in automated & motorized shades

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How to Clean Window Blinds Quickly and Easily

Who doesn’t like a clean house? But did you know that besides mopping and cleaning your floors and wiping the dust off your windows, you need to clean your window blinds too, regularly? Blinds can accumulate dust and dirt which become thick sediment over time. The best way to make sure your blinds keep looking as good as new is to clean them frequently. Here is everything you need to know to clean your window blinds effectively.

Understand Your Blinds

The first step to ensuring that your window blinds are cared for well is to follow the instructions from the manufacturer as strictly as you can. Manufacturers test their products before rolling them out into the market and offer you the best advice on keeping your windows squeaky clean and long-lasting. Make sure you clean your window blinds every four months or at least twice a year.

Use the Magic of Vinegar

Vinegar can be a great tool to clean window shades. Pour some vinegar into a bowl. Next, wear gloves to protect your hands. Dip in your gloved hand into the vinegar and then run it over the blinds. You can soak one glove in the vinegar while you use the other and keep switching as you continue cleaning. While this method is great for most window blinds, you must be careful while using this method on wood. Moisture can cause damage to wood and hence make sure you wring out your gloves carefully and completely and then use it on wood. Also, make sure you dry out the blinds quickly and not let the moisture settle in. For your safety, make sure the vinegar doesn’t get into your eyes or skin.

Take a Specific Approach Keeping the Material in Mind

Wooden Blinds

The first thing you should do when it comes to wooden shades in Toronto is to follow the instructions shared by the manufacturer. Use a soft cloth to remove the dust. Lemon oil can be great for cleaning wooden blinds. Once you have taken the dust off, you can run a dryer sheet along each slat to keep moisture out.

Faux Wood Blind

These blinds are easier to clean and maintain when compared to window blinds in Toronto. You can use a soft cloth to remove dust and even detergent and water to clean dirt and grime. Use a dryer sheet to keep the dust away.

Vinyl and Aluminum Blinds

To maintain vinyl and aluminum window roller shades, dust frequently. You can clean these blinds using soap and detergent too. Tilt the slats to clean both sides and blot dry. Also, while cleaning, make sure you do not pressurize the slats too much. If the stains are too tough, you can take the window roller blinds off the window and then clean them.

Vertical Fabric Blinds

First, check what the manufacturer recommends. If the instructions mention that you should dry clean the fabric, do not try to clean them at home. In other cases, you can use soap and detergent to clean the blinds. Looking for good quality window blinds? Check out the Kremer Blinds store that offers you a wide range of window blinds, window roller shades in Toronto!

Reach Out for the Best Quality Window Blinds in Toronto!

Kremer Blinds specializes in different kinds of window blinds in Toronto. Our experts can help you choose the right kind of window blinds or roller blinds in Toronto or blackout roller shades for your home. You can reach out to us with your queries by calling us at 416-841-1682 or writing to us at We’ll be happy to help!

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