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10 Reasons Why Honeycomb Shades are the Best Window Covering

10 Reasons Why Honeycomb Shades are the Best Window Covering

For safe and trusted window covering installations, we can rely on the features of honeycomb window shades. Sometimes even referred to as cellular window shades, these coverings prove to be the perfect choice for minimalist and classy interiors. These shades provide effective soundproofing, trap air to enhance the energy efficiency, and minimise light gaps from panels to maintain a crisp, neat and contemporary look. Besides these stylistic features, the coverings are beneficial for ten more constructive purposes.

Read and acquaint yourselves with the various advantages of honeycomb window shades:

1. Energy Efficiency

Honeycomb window shades are excellent energy trappers and can retain the absorbed energy for a long time. They serve the purpose of high-quality window insulators because their panels help create a pocket-like guard in front of the window they are on. These energy-trapping pockets allow warm/cold air to pass through them to get stored in the honeycomb pockets of the covering and not alter the room temperature; instead, maintain it. It is very similar to a double pane glass compared to a single pane window.

2. Easy Operation

These shades are hassle-free to use and come with various customisable attachments to adjust accordingly. Generally, they come with a cord-free lift system or with an attached motorized lift system that you can operate with a remote too. Cordless motorized applications to honeycomb window shades offer plenty of benefits to the user – convenience, safe to use in a house of children and enhancing the aesthetics of your place. If need be and to further ease the process, you could even attach a solar battery pack to your motorized cellular shades.

3. Privacy & Light Control

With honeycomb window shades, you will be in complete control of maintaining privacy and light control. The blinds’ crafting is such that if accurately installed, cellular window shade will fit ultra-snug to your window, also adding to the fashion statement of your room. This process results in minimal light gaps between the window sill and your shade, thus, allowing less penetration of light overall.

4. Sound Absorption

Honeycomb shades come in designs that capture and trap noise that enters through the door or window. This feature is highly beneficial if you live in a crowded or noisy neighbourhood, especially a popular option for children’s rooms since they need undisturbed hours to study.

5. Sleek Design

The honeycomb cellular shades when stacked tightly to the headrail, allowing for an unobstructed view from your window. Call it clever engineering but these shades come with stylish fabrics that offer various levels of controlled privacy and light alteration—allowing or preventing natural light from flowing into your room.

6. Appearance (Clean & Soft Look)

As the name suggests, the honeycomb shades have comb-like patterns on them, giving a very soft and neat look to the place they are in. thus, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your home or office.

7. Design Options

Cellular shades come with an array of designs for customization choices. While most prefer it in soft pastel shades or white, you can also opt for printed designs for your house. Additionally, honeycomb shades also offer an additional layering to them if needed to enhance the energy-trapping nature of cellular blinds further. Even though most people prefer single-layering for their residential spaces, choosing double-layer would not be an unwise choice.

8. Versatile (Flexible Applications)

Efficient installers can make cellular blinds fit-in in any space of your residential or commercial property. It is suggested you opt for vertical cellular shades for sliding glass doors and spacious windows. People have been using cellular shades as an excellent window treatment for skylights. Even if you have odd-shaped window spaces in your place, cellular shades window installers can help you with customizable options to fit in perfectly in all rooms.

9. Motorization

Nowadays, most buyers opt for motorized honeycomb shades because it is the upgraded version of window shade installations, is easier to use, avoids entanglement of cords and is entirely safe for children’s use.

10. Child Safety

To avoid strangulation hazards, we would strongly recommend homeowners with children opt for motorized cellular shades for their purchase.

Hire the Best Honeycomb Window Shades Installer

To ensure perfection in the final result, you must hire only trusted professionals for the installation procedure. At Kremer Blinds, we have a range of customizable window shades designs which our trained workers skillfully install to suit all purposes. Our services provide products like Roman window shades, Dual sheer shades, Graphic window shades, Maxxmar opera system, window roller shades and other relevant services.

You can reach out to us at or call and schedule an appointment at 416-841-1682. We would be more than happy to assist you!

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