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How to Fix the Problems with Your Cellular or Honeycomb Shades?

Cellular shades have gained tremendous popularity among homeowners. The reason for this is their simplicity, elegance, and efficiency. Furthermore, they have excellent insulating qualities and contribute immensely to energy efficiency in homes. Not only do they block out harsh sunlight from entering your room during the summers, but they keep you warm and cozy during the winters.

However, like with every product, you may experience some glitches with your cellular or honeycomb shades. Here are a few easy tricks that can help solve these small problems. However, if the problem continues, reach out to a professional.

Common Problems with Cellular or Honeycomb Shades

Shades Roll Down Even After Locking

This is probably the most common issue that homeowners face with cellular shades. Before you call a professional in, check the lift cord and cord lock on your honeycomb shade. You can lift the shades manually and try locking them. If they stay up, it means there is a problem with your cord.

If the blinds still don’t stay up after you have manually locked them, it means that your lock mechanism isn’t working properly. You will have to replace the cord mechanism then.

Shades Raise and Lower Unevenly

Several factors are responsible for the uneven raising and lowering of cellular window shades. First, check the cord loop for any defects. If you find that there is wear and tear in the cord loop, then get it replaced.

If the cord loop seems to be fine, next check the lift strings attached to the shades for breakage or if they are entangled. You will have to get the lift strings replaced in such a case.

If you do not find issues with the cord loop or the lift strings, you may want to check if the installation of your cellular window shades has been done right. Check if the window shades are larger than the size of your window. If yes, then this may be the reason for your shades rising and falling unevenly.

Çan’t Lower the Shades?

Check your cord loop. Is it too small? Or are the lift strings entangled again? Carefully check the strings and cord loop of your honeycomb window shades to understand what is going wrong. If the lift strings appear broken or if the cord loop is entangled or short, you would want to get it replaced.

Does Your Cord Loop Break Frequently?

It gets frustrating when you tug at the cord loop to draw the shades and end up with a broken cord in your hands. If your cord loop of your cellular shades breaks every other day, then you need to remove the weights on your bottom rails. You may also want to adjust the tension so that your cord loop can function smoothly.

These are just a few common and easy to fix issues with your cellular shades. However, if you want expert help, you can reach out to Kremer Blinds – the leading name in window treatments in Canada.

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