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Kremer Blinds provides solutions for residential and commercial and specialize in automated & motorized shades

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Vinyl Shutters

Busting Common Myths About Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl shutters aren’t a new product. They have been around since the 1970s and have been proven durable, cost-effective and energy-efficient. However, several homeowners shy away from installing vinyl shutters in their homes because of several misconceptions. Here we are debunking these popular myths about vinyl shutters in Toronto to help you understand how useful these shades can be.

Myth #1: Vinyl Shades Are Not Durable

Fact: Vinyl shutters are highly durable and have been designed to weather tough conditions without sustaining wear and tear. From moisture to UV rays, these shades can withstand rough weather easily. You would be surprised to know that vinyl wooden shutters are also quite low maintenance. All you need is soap water to clean them.

Myth #2: Vinyl Shades are Flammable

Fact: Vinyl shades are thick and rigid, which makes them fire-resistant. You can minimize fire hazards at home by installing vinyl exterior window shutters.

Myth #3: Vinyl Shutters Are Not Eco-Friendly

Fact: The incorporation of plastic in vinyl shutters may lead you to think that these shades are harmful to the environment. However, this is far from the truth! Studies have shown that vinyl shutters contain the toxic dioxin in such small traces that it can hardly cause any harmful impact.

Myth #4: Vinyl Shades Are Only Available in Boring Colours

Fact: Yes, you may not find vinyl exterior window shutters in the shades of the rainbow, but you will find them in elegant pastels and muted tones. For those who are looking at window shades that can impart a touch of elegance and style to your room, vinyl shades are a great choice!

Myth #5: Vinyl Shades Are Not Good Insulators

Fact: Vinyl is a naturally energy-efficient material. Vinyl exterior window shutters are highly efficient in resisting heat transfer. As a result, your rooms stay cooler during the summers and warmer during the winters.

Myth #6: All Vinyl Shades Are the Same

Fact: Like all other products, vinyl window shutters in Toronto come in different qualities, colours, materials and designs. If you are insistent on quality, then look for multiple interlocking chambers inside the frame of the shade, welded corners, etc. while picking out vinyl shades for your home.

Myth #7: Vinyl Shades Are Low-Cost and Cheap Quality Option to Expensive Shades

Fact: This is one of the most common notions among people about vinyl exterior window shutters. Indeed, products that come at a lower price do not offer the best quality. But this is not true in case of vinyl shades. Vinyl shades on the other hand are a stellar example of cost-efficient window treatments. By installing vinyl exterior window shutters, you can give your home a wonderful makeover but at the fraction of price that you would spend on expensive window treatments.

Need expert help in finding the right vinyl shades for your home? Reach out to the experts at Kremer Blinds – the trusted name for window shutters in Toronto.

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Kremer Blinds offers the finest quality window coverings in Toronto. You can choose from our vibrant collection of vinyl shutters in Toronto and consult our experts for guidance. For queries regarding any kind of window coverings including Roman window shades and vinyl shutters, you can reach out to us by calling us at 416-841-1682 or writing to us at!

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