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How To Choose The Right Blinds & Shades For Your Home?

Window Blinds and shades are usually interchanged while referring to different styles of window coverings. However, they are two very different options available as your window coverings.

Simple window treatments can work amazingly to enhance your home’s insulation systems and reduce energy costs significantly as well. During summers and winters, from burning heat or cold outside to feeling pleasant inside is what makes them most wanted and popular.

Let us check a few points that need to be considered while selecting blinds or shades for windows.


It is obvious that you would want your window coverings to be durable and have a good lifespan. Therefore, blinds are considered to be a better choice as compared to shades. The former are made of hard materials such as PVC, wood, aluminum, etc. This gives them the capability to hold up to wear and tear better than shades. Moreover, using shades for doors isn’t recommended. It is possible that they get torn up by footfalls.

Cleaning Process

Cleaning process is easy for blinds than shades. So, if you have limited time and resources to clean the window coverings, blinds would be a better option for you. These can be wiped down easily using a soft duster with some furniture cleaning polish. Moreover, blinds are definitely a better choice with kids and pets at home. They are easy to clean when in mess.

To clean the dust and dirt on shades you can use the vacuum cleaner with the brush. Further, wipe the window coverings with warm water. It can be time-consuming.

However, you would need to call professional cleaners periodically. This ensures clean window blinds and shades. It also enhances the lifespan of your window coverings.


Choose the style that suits your home décor adding a classic look to the interiors. Various colors and fabrics are available for both blinds and shades.

Choose the color of the blinds or shades that match to your window frame and not the walls. This will give you the advantage to change the wall colors in future without disturbing the window coverings.

To select the best option, check the color of your room and the style that you wish to highlight. Based on these, you can match the shade of your window coverings. You can seek expert help if you are confused about the color and style of blinds and shades.

Special Features

Check for special features that specialty shaped window blinds and shades provide and choose according to your requirements. There might be blinds that still allow some light to pass through. You can customize the blinds and shades so that no light reflects through the holes.

For blinds –
1. Use slats. There are dents on both the sides of the slat. These notches help them hold in alignment. There are no holes in the slats, therefore, no light can shine through.
2. Instead of cords, use wide cloth tapes. These give your blinds an elegant look along with absolute cover to the holes.

Shades are easy to customize as compared to blinds. There is a wide range of fabric collection such as fabric fold styles, latest upgrades, fabric liners, etc.

Privacy & Light control

Both, blinds and shades, work well when we talk about privacy and light control but in different ways. Slats in the blinds can be adjusted accordingly to control light. Shades have fabrics that can cover the entire window and control the light that comes in.

If you want complete privacy with natural light coming in, choose the fabric of the shades that is a little transparent. This can filter some natural light inside the house and protect your privacy as well.

Save Energy

Everyone wants to save energy costs, and installing the right window coverings can help reduce it significantly. Almost 20-25% of your house’s cooling and heating costs can be associated with the loss of energy using the correct window blinds and shades.

Here, the most recommended option is shades. Blinds do not work well when it comes to blocking the outside temperature. But shades are designed with various suitable fabrics that insulate your windows. These shades are also known as Cellular shades or honeycomb shades. This wonderful window treatment can decrease the amount of energy consumed while heating or cooling the rooms.

Child Safety

If there are children at home, try and consider window coverings that are safer. For example, blinds and shades that do not have accessible cords would be recommended for these houses. These blinds are motorized and very easy to use. Even children can control the opening and closing of these blinds and shades with ease.

Cost Factor

This is one basic and unavoidable question that you need to ask yourself before choosing a blind or shade for your windows. It is a fact that blinds and shades do not highlight much difference when it comes to the cost related to them. However, if you are looking for specific styles, patterns, and features, along with some particular materials, prices can vary.

The cost of the shades depends on the fabric you select. Therefore, installing shades can be quite reasonable as well as an expensive affair. Moreover, the features you want in your window coverings also contribute to the cost of the blinds and shades. For example, motorized shades and blinds cost more than the ones that are manually operated. The other reason for shades to be expensive is the customization option which is limited in blinds.

Installation Process

It is easy to install both blinds and shades. Installation process of all types of blinds can be the same as almost all of them have the same bracket. However, the process can vary in shades.

Choosing the right window blinds and shades isn’t difficult. To know more about what to consider while selecting the blind or shade for your home, contact us by calling us at: 416-841-1682

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