When updating window treatments, most homeowners get confused between the option of window blinds and plantation shutters. While both options are incredibly versatile, they are not suitable for every architectural style. Before choosing a window treatment for your home, it is best to learn more about its distinguishing features and the fundamental differences to enhance the overall architecture of your home. Here is a quick guide to help you figure out which window treatment best suits your space.

Who doesn't like a clean house? But did you know that besides mopping and cleaning your floors and wiping the dust off your windows, you need to clean your window blinds too, regularly? Blinds can accumulate dust and dirt which become thick sediment over time. The best way to make sure your blinds keep looking as good as new is to clean them frequently. Here is everything you need to know to clean your window blinds effectively.

Deciding how to dress your windows is a critical decision as it leaves a lasting effect on the room and proves a long-term investment for your home. Although curtains and draperies are the most popular window coverings options, exterior window shutters offer unmatched versatility and classic appeal. Let’s take a look at the popular window shutter options that you can choose for your home!

One factor that every homeowner or business owner should consider when choosing window shades in Toronto is energy efficiency. Windows are the main culprit behind heat loss in a home or office. As per a study, your space can lose as much as 30% heat through windows. Adding window shades in Toronto will not only amplify the beauty of your windows but also preserve heat and air conditioning in the room.
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