Best Types of Window Blinds and Shades for Natural Lighting

Window Blinds and Shades

Window blinds and shades can be a great way of naturally lighting up your room. You may wonder how? Blinds and shades give you the freedom to control the amount of sunlight entering your room during the day. This way you can do away with artificial lighting while the sun is out and save a lot of money that would otherwise go to electricity bills.

If you are wondering which type of window blind or shade you should use to help your rooms get just enough soothing light, read on:

Blinds and Shades to Keep Your Home Naturally Lit

VENETIAN BLINDSVenetian Blinds: Venetian blinds have been a popular choice with homeowners because of its versatility and practicality. You can pull it up completely to let the sunshine filter into your room or pull it down to completely block the light. You can also tilt the louvers to filter the amount of light and protect your privacy.




Graphic Window Shades: If you are looking for a more creative solution, graphic window shades can be a great choice. Quick to install, graphic window shades can give your room a lot of character and depth.







Dual Sheer Shades/Custom Sheer Shades: Dual sheer shades add a touch of elegance and are more suited for residential purposes than commercial. Plus, they are more contemporary. Dual window sheer shades allow you the freedom to control the amount of light entering your room. Besides, they are available in transparent, semi-private and private options to allow you the amount of light you need in your room.



Maxxmar Banded Opera Tri-Shades: These shades come as an additional blackout screen and can easily be paired with different kinds of blinds and shades to control the light entering your room. Furthermore, they are available in a wide variety of textures, fabrics and colors.




Roman Window ShadesRoman Shades: These fabric shades are perfect for windows. These days, Roman shades are available in a wide variety of fabrics, colors and textures making them compatible with any kind of home decor.





Motorized BlindsMotorized Blinds: Perfectly suited for those who have elderly members or children at home, motorized blinds are a smart way of controlling the natural lighting in your room. They are available in high-quality fabric and offer remote control.

These window shades and blinds not only allow you to light up your room with sunlight but also help you save a lot of energy. In addition, their smart and contemporary designs can make your windows look neater while giving your home a swanky look.

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