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Are Honeycomb Shades Energy-Efficient?

One factor that every homeowner or business owner should consider when choosing window shades in Toronto is energy efficiency. Windows are the main culprit behind heat loss in a home or office. As per a study, your space can lose as much as 30% heat through windows. Adding window shades in Toronto will not only amplify the beauty of your windows but also preserve heat and air conditioning in the room.

But which window coverings should you choose? Honeycomb cellular shades are the most popular and energy-efficient window coverings in Toronto. Let’s deep dive into how they can help you improve the thermal performance of your windows!

5 Reasons Why Honeycomb Window Shades Are Energy Efficient!

  • The Structure of the Honeycomb Shades Work as Air Pockets

The design structure of the honeycomb window shades has cellular panels. These cellular panels trap air and prevent their transfer through windows and doors. The cells work as air pockets and provide the best insulation throughout the room. You can easily roll the window coverings from top to bottom to control the daylight entering your home and office.

  • They Can Be Custom-Fitted to Your Window

In summers, tightly fitted honeycomb cellular shades reduce heat loss that can help you save on your utility bills by almost 20%. Furthermore, if you have unique shaped windows with arches, skylights, and more, cellular shades can be custom fitted to your requirements. This will enable full coverage and efficient light filtration throughout your home. By working with a reputable window covering expert, you can install honeycomb shades for a consistent and unified look.

  • You can Automate the Controls of the Shades

Sometimes you want your shades closed but forget to do it. This can increase your utility bills as the air conditioning systems has to work harder. The best thing about using incorporating automation for your window shades in Toronto is that you can open and close them at your convenience and ensure better energy efficiency. Honeycomb window shades offer you customization opportunities to help you sustain efficient heat in your home. Motorized honeycomb shades keep the hot sunlight and glare out and keep your room cool. For cooler months, you can enjoy the natural light to retain heat in your home.

  • Honeycomb Window Shades Use the Best Light-Filtering Fabric

The cell-like structure of honeycomb window shades uses the best light-filtering fabrics that create the perfect barrier to prevent the air from escaping. You can choose from several pleat sizes and fabric choices, depending on the light-filtration needs of your home. You can either opt for a sheer fabric or a thicker fabric for better energy efficiency. For complete blockage of light, you can also use blackout fabrics to filter out harmful UV rays from the room.

  • Safety, Versatility, and the Best Insulation

The enhanced style and practicality of honeycomb cellular window shades are the most common reasons homeowners prefer buying them. To achieve maximum insulation for your space, you can choose from the following styles:

  • Top-Down/Bottom-Up Style: The classic top-down style is exactly what it sounds like. They stack up neatly and can be raised or lowered using a drawstring. If you have a home with minimal sunlight, this is an ideal option.
  • Cordless Cellular Shades: This option is suitable for homeowners with kids and pets. The cordless structure reduces the risk of fall and prevents outside noises.
  • Blackout Honeycomb Window Shades: These window shades in Toronto removes 99% of all incoming light. For homes that require maximum insulation, this is the ideal choice.

Shop for the Best Energy-Efficient Shades From Kremer Blinds!

At Kremer Blinds, we offer an exclusive selection of window shades and blinds in Toronto! From measurement to installation, we provide comprehensive window treatments that suit your practical and design needs.

For a free consultation, call us today at 416-841-1682 or drop us an email at to learn more about our window shades in Toronto!

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