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8 Easy Tips to Pick the Right Colour for Your Window Blinds

8 Easy Tips to Pick the Right Colour for Your Window Blinds

Sometimes it gets challenging to assess and choose the right pair of blinds for our place. Since many people are not well-versed with house decor, they sometimes make the wrong choice. To avoid such scenarios, you can read the list of suggestions provided below to create a safe option for yourself!

1. Choose White Blinds to Let the Lights Flow in

If you wish your place to look all bright and breezy at all times, you choose to proceed with white blinds. Not only is this colour classy and elegant for your window, but it also creates an effect where the room looks spacious and warm. White is such a colour that it can quickly go with any decor, be it marble or tile flooring or wooden or carpeted floors.

White or off-white shades of blinds go well with soft floral prints or pastel colour walls. If dubious, your chosen blinds’ installers can guide you through the process.

2. Match Your Decor Style

It is vital to ensure that your chosen window blinds shades go well with your room and does not disturb the aesthetics of your home or office. The colour of your blinds should complement the walls, floor and furniture of your place and work towards uplifting the overall decor.

For advanced styling features, you can look for the best professional blinds installer who specialises in custom drapery in Mississauga, to highlight the beauty of your blinds.

3. Choose a Bold Look for a Modern Touch

If you wish to create a lookout of the box, you will be required to play with colours. Depending on how modern you want space to look, you should choose your window blinds palette accordingly. Alternatively, selecting bold shades of red or blue to complement your similar coloured furniture will never look out of place.

The best window blinds installers keep a series of designs for window blinds in Mississauga, expanding the options for the buyers.

4. Avoid Including More than Three Colours

If you do not wish to opt for a bold look and would prefer your blinds with minimalistic colours, it is advised you do not go ahead with more than three colours for your set-up. It might send out the message for your viewers that you perhaps got confused and opted for random colours.

It is best if you take the advice of your contractors and discuss with them what colours will look ideal for your place.

5. Decide Your Focal Point

No matter where you wish to install your window shades, there must be a focal point around which the colour and contrast of the blinds will be ideated. Some people choose a wall, and some go for a window. If you plan on keeping your window blinds the focal point of your room, opting for a bright colour will look perfect.

Do not forget to match elements of your house décor with the choice of blinds to create an aesthetically-pleasing space.

6. Opt for Colour Contrasts

If you have been feeling experimental lately and want to create a unique colour contrast with your blinds, you can plan to install royal blue blinds compared to white flooring and white walls. You can even throw in pastel shades blinds with furniture of radiant colours. This mix and match can be well advised by the professionals who install your blinds.

7. Choose between Light-blocking or Light-permeable Blinds

As per your requirements and choice of blinds, it would be best if you made up your mind whether you wish to install light-filtering blinds or light-blocking blinds before you proceed with the installation process.

8. Match Your Window Trim or Moulding

The safest policy to proceed with window blinds colour selection is to match the colour with the window trim. Since most window trims are white in colour, it would be best to opt for white window blinds. There’s hardly any room for you to go wrong with this option.

Why Choose Kremer Blinds for Window Blinds Installation?

To hand over your window blinds installation process in trustworthy hands, you can choose Kremer Blinds. Starting from the colour selection process to choosing high-quality raw materials to complete the installation at your place, we cover it all for you. We offer a variety of designs, textures and styles of blinds to choose from. Our installers are seasoned at their work and perform to the best of their abilities to ensure a smooth and hassle-free delivery at your place. You can reach out to us at or call and schedule an appointment at 416-841-1682. We would be glad to assist you!

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