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7 Best Vinyl Shutter Colour Choices

7 Best Vinyl Shutter Colour Choices

Exploring colour options for your vinyl exterior window shutters? Did you know that shutters can be instrumental in tying the whole colour scheme of your home together? When painted in the right colour, shutters can accentuate the entire look of your home spectacularly. Hence, planning and choosing the right colour scheme for your home, especially your window shutters, is a critical step.

If you are looking for a quick guide that can help you pick the right colours for your shutters, here it is! Here we discuss how to pick the right colour and colour suggestions for different types of houses to help you arrive at the look you want for your home.

1. How to Pick the Right Shutter Colours

If you are a newbie, you could try sticking to the good old tried and tested methods for finding the right colour for your vinyl exterior window shutters. Experts recommend picking two to three colours – one as the base colour, one accent and one complementary colour for the trim.

Did you know that lighter colours can make a smaller home look larger? Interestingly, if you choose a colour that matches your shutters to your window trim, your windows will look larger. This does not mean that you cannot choose darker colours. Darker colours accentuate the look of a house in a different manner, which we will touch upon in the subsequent paragraphs.

Whatever colour you choose, make sure you check your colour swatches in the sunlight to get a realistic understanding of what the colour will look like on your house.

2. Most Popular Shutter Colours

Undoubtedly, the most popular shutter colours are black and white. Black shutters impart elegance and white gives a demure and simple look. Here is a guide on colour shades that you can use for different house types and shutters.

3. Shutter Colours for Brick Houses

Black is the perfect colour choice for vinyl exterior window shutters on brick houses. This is because it blends in smoothly with the rustic look of brick houses, particularly so when you have black trims. However, if you have lighter bricks, you can even experiment with pastels and light colours for your shutters.

4. Shutter Colours for White Houses

If your house has a light base colour, you can pick black or darker colours such as cobalt to highlight the window shutters. If you are someone who wants a subtle, classy look for your home, you can pick a light shade that is just a few shades darker than the base colour. However, if you are looking for a quirky and eye-catching look, try greens and blues.

5. Shutter Colours for Beige House

For a beige house, white and black can help your shutters pop. You can pick white for your shutters and match the trim to make the windows look larger. If you want to incorporate a bit of colour, you can pick other darker colours such as dark forest green or deep navy blue. Match your front door to your vinyl exterior window shutters and see how the colours completely transform the look of your home.

6. Shutters for Tan House

Tan houses have an earthy appeal to them. You can add to their allure by choosing colours such as greens and browns to help your shutters blend into and complement the rustic look of your home. You can also use white for your shutters if you are looking for a classy and minimal look.

7. Shutters for Colourful Houses

White is a beautiful addition to shutters on a colourful house. You can also use colours that belong to the same tonal family as your home. Check if you can use lighter or darker shades to give an eclectic look to your home.

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