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5 Window Treatments to Transform Your Home in 2020

Looking for a room darkening window treatment? You need not necessarily pick a room darkening window treatment to control the amount of sunlight filtering into your room. Several different types of window treatments are available these days. By smartly picking out the right window treatment, you can give your home a makeover and play with natural lighting in any room. Here’s how:

Which Window Treatment Should I Choose?

Window treatments are available in a wide variety of options today. From classic to contemporary, you can beautify your home by carefully picking out your window treatment and coordinating it with the rest of your home décor. Plus, darken or light up the room, as you please!


If you are looking for a classical look for your rooms, curtains can be a great way to give your room the old world charm. Sheer curtains work wonderfully in filtering sunlight while giving your room a cozy and snug look.

If you want to give your room a grander look, you can use double curtains. Double curtains usually feature a thicker curtain with a sheer curtain. These curtains can not only function as room darkening window treatments but when colour coordinated and paired right, they can make your room look more lavish and stylish.


Shades are a great way to give your home a trendy and contemporary look. Shades are available in a wide range of designs. From the classy Roman shades to the modern dual sheer shades, you can choose from a wide range of designs, patterns, fabrics and colours. Shades offer you neatness and clean lines that give a minimalistic yet chic look, while functioning as a room darkening window treatment.


Shutters are a fabulous choice for multiple reasons. You can control the amount of light entering into your room effortlessly with shutters. They can act as wonderful room darkening window treatments! They do not come with cords,which means you do not have to worry about children and pets playing with them. They are great at keeping your room insulated. And they can cover any window size! These days, you can find shutters that come with a UV-protective layer too!

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Blinds are the most popular choice among homeowners these days. This is because of their utility, ease of use and the wide variety of fabrics, designs and materials they are available in. You can choose from sheer blinds to blackout blinds, which are the best room darkening window treatments, depending on the amount of light you need in the house. The best bet would be to buy a top-down blind, which is not only easy to use but straightforward in terms of maintenance.

Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized window treatments are one of the most popular choices today! Motorized window treatments offer you the freedom to control all your windows using a remote control. Also, they do not require cords for control as you do not have to raise or lower them manually. You also have the option to set the time remotely to lower and raise them. Motorized blinds are a great option for those looking for room darkening window treatments!

These are some of the most popular window treatments. They are easy to install and maintain and serve as great additions to any home.

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