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5 Reasons Why Cellular Shades Are So Popular

5 Reasons Why Cellular Shades Are So Popular

Cellular Shades owe their popularity to the exquisite design and the various comforts they offer. They are also known as ‘honeycomb shades’ because of the pattern they exhibit. Homeowners these days prefer cellular shades over standard window coverings because they are highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. They work fine in all weather conditions and can be installed anywhere with ease.

Top 5 Features of Cellular Window Shades

Here are a few reasons why cellular shades have become the preferred option for window treatments:

1. Offer Light Control and Provide Privacy

Cellular window shades offer good control when it comes to light regulation. This feature enables you to adjust the incoming light as per your needs and preferences. You can shut out the light completely or let it partially infiltrate your place.

Kremer Blinds offers beautiful cellular shades, equipped with this feature. Our high-quality products give long-lasting results and provide commendable service.

2. Help with Sound Absorption

Since cellular window shades come with spaces in between them, like a honeycomb pattern, they act as excellent sound and heat absorbers. The trapping feature is not present in single-layered regular blinds.

3. Exquisite Design of the Comb

The design of the comb in cellular window shades is such that it only adds grandeur and elegance to the space they have been installed in. The minimalist portrayal and the softness of the design go well in both residential and commercial properties.

4. Work for Increasing Energy Efficiency

Cellular shades are excellent energy trappers and also work well for saving energy. When the sun is out and shining outside your window, the photons that fall on the cellular shades are entrapped by the honeycomb air-filled patterns. They act as excellent insulators to preserve the warmth.

Kremer Blinds offers an exquisite selection of cellular honeycomb shades. We only provide the best quality raw materials to ensure that the layers last long.

5. Flexible and Great for Child Safety

Last but not the least, cellular window shades provide the ease of managing the light infiltration of the shades. The cords are safe to use and generally installed at a place beyond the reach of children. You can also get yourself a custom-made cellular shade to ensure it perfectly fits your window frames and matches your decor.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cellular Shades

Are Cellular Shades Better than Other Window Coverings?

Cellular window shades offer a fair share of benefits that make them a favourite among homeowners. However, other window coverings such as blinds, shutters, and drapes are a suitable option depending on specific needs. So it depends on individual preferences and styles and what kind of installation you prefer for your space.

What are the Advantages of Cellular Shades?

These window treatments offer many benefits, including excellent insulation and energy efficiency. They are easy and safe to use and come with an option of single or double-layered insulation and offer complete or partial blockage of light.

Are Cellular Shades Good for the Kitchen?

If you happen to reside in a cold region and have big windows in your kitchen, it is wise to get double-layered honeycomb shades installed at your place. Doing so will help you keep out the cold while still allowing sunlight to pour in during the day.

Moreover, people prefer more light and warmth in the kitchen. Cellular shades are a good choice if you need to illuminate your kitchen and create an inviting atmosphere.

Do Cellular Window Shades Save Energy?

Cellular shades are equipped with single-layered or sometimes, double-layered insulation, which helps them trap energy easily. Depending on your needs, you can choose the number of layers you wish to install in your window treatment.

What is the Difference Between Roman and Cellular Shades?

Here are a few key differences between Roman shades and Cellular Shades:

Roman Shades

  • They provide single-layered or no insulation.
  • They come in fabrics like cotton, synthetic or acrylic.
  • They are either plain or come with various colourful prints and patterns.
  • You can install them in minimal space.

Cellular Shades

  • They provide single-layered or even double-layered insulation
  • They are available in fabrics like synthetic or acrylic.
  • They have a honeycomb-like texture and usually come in pastel colours, with no prints.
  • They can be installed anywhere with sufficient space to accommodate the layering.

Explore Our Extensive Selection of Cellular Window Shades

If you too are charmed by the magnificence of cellular shades and wish to get desirable designs installed at your place, you can trust the variety and quality offered by Kremer Blinds. We deliver high-grade window treatments in and around Toronto. Whether it is the efficiency of our skilled professionals or the quality of the raw materials that our experts choose, we ace it all when it comes to the installation of shades. Our service will not give you any space for complaints. You can trust the excellence of our window shade installers with both your requirements

If you have any questions about our products, feel free to reach out to us at You may also call us at 416-841-1682 to schedule an appointment for visiting our store. It would be our pleasure to help you find the perfect shades for your home!

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